Zoom or prime? Macro perhaps? What about a tilt-shift lens?

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A kit lens

You’ve bought your first camera, congrats! When you bought your camera, you’ll most likely get a pretty standard lens with the camera body. Mostly this is a prime 50mm lens or a 18–100 ish lens.

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Before we even begin about your new born kiddo, let’s start at the labour.

So, you got yourself a fancy DSLR or a mirrorless camera. Now how do you even get started filming with that thing?

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Before we get started on the settings, a few extensions for your camera you maybe want to use.

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1. You can actually print your photos

And for me, this is a big one. Yes i like making pictures and printing them. Otherwise, what is the use? Off course, you can take pictures on you smartphone, however, they are locked in there forever. You…

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The category’s

As you might have noticed, the drone operations are divided into a couple of a category’s. Every category has its own limitations and regulations.

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What kind of data do they have?

Before we go any further, you have to realise that data kept by companies or organisations is defined as data points. And there are a LOT of datapoints each individual can have. To give you an idea…

And a couple of hints when visiting

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#1 Relaxation upon its highest level

After I landed in Keflavík, I almost immediately went to “The Blue Lagoon”. It can be quite costly (€50 or €70, depending on what you want to do). However, it’s totally worth it. …

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