Zoom or prime? Macro perhaps? What about a tilt-shift lens?

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If your reading this, then your probably looking for a bit more info on the different kind of lenses. There’s a kind of lens for every kind of situation. Let’s just start at the beginning.

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A kit lens

You’ve bought your first camera, congrats! When you bought your camera, you’ll most likely get a pretty standard lens with the camera body. Mostly this is a prime 50mm lens or a 18–100 ish lens.

These lenses are good to get you started. However, if you are serious about your photography, you’ll…

What can you expect when you’ve just became a dad? Keep on reading to find out!

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Before we even begin about your new born kiddo, let’s start at the labour.

Being a man, you can’t do much to help your partner in crime. It is true that the dude gets all the fun and the wife has to do all the work during and after nine months.

However, when you’re standing there (with basically your hands in your pants) in the delivery room with your wife or partner, laying there and doing all the work, you will feel quite annoyed…

So, you got yourself a fancy DSLR or a mirrorless camera. Now how do you even get started filming with that thing?

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Before we get started on the settings, a few extensions for your camera you maybe want to use.

When you get started filming with you camera, there are a few pieces of material that might help you during your quest.

Shutter speed? Aperture? ISO? What is that?!

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Before you begin, you need to understand that taking pictures, is al about light. Let to much light in and you’ll end up with an overexposed photograph. Too little and every picture you take, will resemble a pitch black night. So understanding what your camera does, is the first step in taking perfect photographs.

The balance between shutter speed, aperture and ISO can be a real pain to get a hang of. But once you feel or understand this balance, you’ll get pictures like the one below.

Don’t reach for that smartphone just yet. I’m talking about photography with a descent camera, not a potato.

No, it’s not that your smartphone takes pictures with questionable quality. It’s just that you won’t have the same experience or connection with photography. And ask yourself the question, did you ever look at those photographs afterword’s when using your smartphone. No, you haven’t.

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1. You can actually print your photos

And for me, this is a big one. Yes i like making pictures and printing them. Otherwise, what is the use? Off course, you can take pictures on you smartphone, however, they are locked in there forever. You…

In case you haven’t noticed. Since 01/01/2021 there is a new drone law into effect in Europe. It was postponed by half a year due to COVID-19 (cringe). But now, without further ado, the EU kicked of the new drone regulations. However, are you confused? So was I at the beginning.

FYI : usefull links, hints and tips at the bottem of the article!

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The category’s

As you might have noticed, the drone operations are divided into a couple of a category’s. Every category has its own limitations and regulations.

Social media have been around for some time now. Over the years I’ve used quite a few of them. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit… Now I started noticing a few things.

Disclaimer: Know that this is a personal view and experience for the use of social media. This means it’s not your opinion.

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When Facebook went live and heard about it from friends, I immediately went home and made an account. I went online and saw a whole new universe unfold before my very eyes. At start I genuinely thought it would change the world. And it did.


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Most of us don’t realise we are being watched. Every minute of the day.

From the minute you buy a smartphone, you are being followed. If you type something in your browser, you are being followed. Same goes if you don’t even use a smartphone or pc. Think about camera’s in big city’s or even an airport if you are going on vacation.

What kind of data do they have?

Before we go any further, you have to realise that data kept by companies or organisations is defined as data points. And there are a LOT of datapoints each individual can have. To give you an idea…

And a couple of hints when visiting

A couple of months ago I went to Iceland. And I must say it changed me on a couple of levels. I’ll list those reasons up for you below. Do know that probabely not all reasons may apply to you, these reasons are more of a personal view, not general for all.

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#1 Relaxation upon its highest level

After I landed in Keflavík, I almost immediately went to “The Blue Lagoon”. It can be quite costly (€50 or €70, depending on what you want to do). However, it’s totally worth it. …

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