5 reasons to pick up photography

Don’t reach for that smartphone just yet. I’m talking about photography with a descent camera, not a potato.

No, it’s not that your smartphone takes pictures with questionable quality. It’s just that you won’t have the same experience or connection with photography. And ask yourself the question, did you ever look at those photographs afterword’s when using your smartphone. No, you haven’t.

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1. You can actually print your photos

And for me, this is a big one. Yes i like making pictures and printing them. Otherwise, what is the use? Off course, you can take pictures on you smartphone, however, they are locked in there forever. You won’t take the time to print those photo’s. And if you do, the quality is most likely that bad, you won’t print one ever again.

If you take a photo with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you feel the want and need to print your photo’s. And the quality is sublime. Instead of printing miniature versions of what you want, you can actually go big. Want to print it out to cover your wall, you can. Want to print it out and actually see what’s in the picture, you can!

A good tip to get actual descent photo’s that you can print on larger canvases, get a camera that has a high value in megapixels (MP). Before you buy yourself a camera with 100MP, ask yourself what you want to do with you camera. If you are an amateur photographer, you should get a camera with about 20MP. If you really want to get professional, look in the range of 30, 40 or even 100MP.

Since we live in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, you’ll have to make a note here. If your goal is to just post on social media, you’ll only use around 2MP. Yes, you’ve red that correctly.

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2. See through the lens, to see more without it

This is somewhat of a more spiritual reason. When starting out with photography, you’ll see more of the beauty of the world around you. It will start small. Just details you missed in daily life. You start to think about the ultimate composition, the colour, the bokeh…

At some point it will take over the way you see things. And at sometimes, you won’t take a photo at all. Which is perfectly normal. When that happens, you will get a sense of belonging and peace. This may seem strange if you are yet to have this experience, but you will understand once it hits you. And this will also happen in your daily life. You’ll enjoy it more as you get better and better at photography.

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3. You’ll meet new people

When you take your camera to the city, you’ll eventually meet more people. Lets say you take photographs at your local park or event. Before you know it, people will start talking to you.

Whether it’s someone who has the same camera or just wants to get photographed, it will happen. This may seem a bit awkward at first (especially if you’re an introvert), but just roll with it. You can even ask people to pose for your photographs! Yes, some will not cooperate, but when they do, you’ll get awesome photo’s free of charge. Just send the photos to them afterwards, people like that.

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4. Keep track of those special moments

If you have kids, if you travel a lot, if you like to express yourself, if you like telling stories, don’t even think twice and order a descent camera today.

The fun thing is that, once you’ve been practicing photography for a while, you’ll get an overview of your life and the ones around you. The perfect example are kids of course. With ever click you make on your camera, you see your kids grow and evolve. Follow them around and take snaps of those weekends away, day out, hobbies they do, everything. Whether your kids will like is another story though (yes, they will).

Source : le me

5. You’ll lose track of time

This became clear quite quickly to me. I was taking photographs of a windmill that was standing in front of the setting sun. Before I knew it, the evening became night. It’s a kind of meditation really. You get so caught up in everything, you lose track of time and everything around you.

To conclude, I hope photography grasps your interest. There are so many more reasons you should start with photography. I’m sure you will find many of your own. And if you already started photography, why did you start?

Hello there! My name is Axel. Gamer, film and series enthousiast, dronepilot, traveler and … accountant

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